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Calendar Exports

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Subscribable Calendars

There are two ways you can add events from our subscribable calendars to your own calendar application. Note, however, that calendar subscriptions and exports include only events that do not require a login. Private events are not included.

Copy the relevant URL below and paste it into your calendar application using the application's interface for subscribing to an external calendar. Our help pages offer more detail on how to subscribe to a calendar feed with Zimbra. When you subscribe to a calendar this way your application should periodically update itself when there are changes to the calendar on the Intranet.
Click the relevant link below to download a file that you can import to your calendar client (such as Zimbra). Exporting this way will grab the events at a given point in time. New or changed events will not automatically sync from the Intranet to your calendar application. You'll need to download and import again any time you want to refresh the events, but Zimbra (and most other calendar applications) will recognize which events it already knows about from a previous import.

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