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Intranet Documentation

Warning message

Hampshire users: Log in for increased access.

Logging in

Anonymous visitors have very limited access to the Hampshire College Intranet. If you are not logged into the site you will see an alert message. Use the button in the upper right to log in.

Login alert screenshot

Basic Search and Navigation

When you are logged into any page on the Hampshire College Intranet you will find:

  1. A search box in the upper-right that gives you a convenient way to locate any content on the site, and
  2. A simple menu with links to the main areas of the site, including
    • The home page
    • The calendar
    • A listing of any content you have already created
    • A link you can use to add a new announcement or event
    • A logout button
    • A link to our Help Documentation

Hampshire College Intranet Header