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Lunch with Local Filmmaker Sanford Lewis

Date: Wednesday 4/3/2013
4 Year(s) 1 Month(s) 3 Week(s) ago
Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Organizer: Anna Klein ( )
Notes: An Intimate Dance: An hour with Amherst filmmaker Sanford Lewis
Interested in filmmaking?
Free Lunch!

WHEN: Wednesday, April 3rd at 12:00pm
WHERE: HillUrbina Rm (3rd flr Library, through computer lab)

Amherst Filmmaker Sanford Lewis is completing a feature documentary inquiring into what the dance form contact improvisation can tell us about being human. This character-driven documentary, filmed here in the Pioneer Valley, wends its way through dance, neuroscience, biochemistry, spirituality and more. According to Lewis, a key challenge is how to portray a dance form that is done less for how it looks than how it feels. His goal is to make the experience accessible to an audience that may have never experienced the dance form first-hand.

See clips from the film in progress, learn about the filmmaker's passion for the subject, his challenges getting the film done, the pivotal role of interns, and opportunities for internships in the completion process.

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