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ROAAARRR! A Beautiful Anger

(Art/Exhibit, Theatre/Dance)
Date: Tuesday 4/25/2017
2 Day(s) ago
Time: 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Organizer: Sexual Assault Activism Month ( )
Notes: A collection of poetry, rhythm, monologue and movement that ruptures the confines of victimhood and illuminates a spirit that cannot be broken. In a society struggling with sexual violence as an epidemic, these survivors define what true protection means, and galvanize our communities from art to action.

Performance followed by a Talkback with Company & Audience

About the performers:

Irene "I-SHEA" Shaikly (Director) is an eclectic ARTist (performance and teaching artist), a Momma, an Advocate for social systemic change, a Humanitarian sharing space on this plane. Irene "I-SHEA" Shaikly has carved her way into various musical frames integrating her multicultural background in her music, style, and presentation. I-SHEA, who calls herself "The Original Jewminican," (a Dominican and Jewish woman with an Arabic last name) is a drummer/percussionist, singer/songwriter, dancer, theater, and teaching artist originally from Bronx, NY. Coming from classical arabic records, and being the merengue, boleros, salsa, rumba, and 80's hip hop kid, I-SHEA absorbed her World while creating her own sound as a soulful hip hop/reggae/latin/World Music ARTist. She is the founder of LA FEMME EXPRESSION, an Original Jewminican Productions - bringing women/femme performance art on the platform. Building connections and community through performance art, education, and organizing, her mission is to spread the movement of universal love and truth, to continue to inspire and motivate individuals to seek their highest authentic selves through storytelling, music, movement/dance, theater, and poetry.

Kaia is an expressive arts activity coordinator, youth worker, teacher, performer, and poet. They are passionate about exploring the intersections of individual and community healing through the performance arts, creative movement and writing. They have written and performed for productions including Let the Body Speak: A Performance Project and Survivor Theatre Project, and are currently hosting Wagon Wheel Word in Gill, MA and community arts events at The Treehouse in Northampton, MA. They are planning on beginning the next leg of their journey at Earlham School of Religion in Richmond, Indiana in the fall, where they will study writing as ministry/spiritual practice, pastoral care, and conflict transformation.

Monique Flynn is a working class Queer Femme from New York. She currently lives in Western Massachusetts where she has worked for the past two years as a Peer Advocate. She has a passion for social justice and a background in LGBTQ+ activism. She is a published writer, photographer, and theater performer. Monique enjoys women's roller derby, drag shows, queer burlesque, and dance. She holds a Bachelor's from SUNY Albany in Sociology and Gender Studies.

Barbara Cortez-Greig, MA, MSW, BC-DMT grew up in Los Angeles, California. She moved to the Pioneer Valley in 1999 after living overseas with her American diplomat husband and two daughters where they were posted in Paris, France; Madras, India; Ankara, Turkey; and intermittently in Washington DC. She loves the joy and camaraderie of performing, and over the years has engaged in numerous dance and theater productions in the States, on both coasts, and overseas. Since 1999 she has been affiliated with Enchanted Circle Theater as a teaching and performing artist, as well as dancing with the Lisa Leizman Dance Company. She is a Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist specializing in Creative Arts Therapy

Vero González is a queer femme-inist writer and teacher from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Her work--both teaching and writing--is heavily informed by her experience navigating and negotiating her intersecting identities. She is the director of the ELA department at the Paulo Freire Social Justice Charter School, which means she gets to spend her day talking about feminism, social justice, and literature with teenagers. Vero is the 2015 recipient of A Room of Her Own Foundation's Touching Lives Fellowship, and has a MFA in Poetry from the Iowa Writer's Workshop. She likes cupcakes.
Location: FPH WLH

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