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#marchforscience: why how signs mean matters

(Lecture/Seminar, Meeting)
Date: Friday 4/14/2017
1 Week(s) 6 Day(s) ago
Time: 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm
Organizer: Meara Geraty ( )
Notes: Please join RPI Professor Mike Fortun and the Institute of Science and Interdisciplinary Studies for a discussion regarding the upcoming March for Science and how social science can inform and aid our use of signs, slogans, and strategies for the march.

On April 22nd, thousands of scientists and science-supporters will march in Washington, DC to protest the current threat to science and evidence-based policy decisions. With them, they will bring signs and posters intended to communicate their message with the urgency and importance it deserves. This talk will explore the signs and posters themselves--how signs mean, what the relationship between posters, semiotic differences, slogans, and signs is, and why that relationship matters. It is meant to raise and carefully discuss a series of questions surrounding this: Why does it make a difference that we understand the purposes of signs and signification? What can the March for Science on Earth Day 2017 accomplish? What can the posters & signs that are carried do? And what can or should the hashtag #marchforscience actually come to mean and do for the sciences in the Trump era?

Mike Fortun, RPI Associate Professor of Science Technology and Society, is an expert in genomics, sociology, and the history of science. He holds a BA from Hampshire College and PhD from Harvard University, and is a founding fellow of the ISIS Institute.
Location: Cole Science Center Room 333

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