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Positive Powerful Communication: Tools for building relationships across conflict

Date: Tuesday 4/18/2017
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Time: 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Organizer: Olivia Brochu ( )
Notes: What does it mean to be in community with people who do not share our opinions, views, or values?
Often, it means that there are problems, disagreements, and conflict. Working through those issues in a
way that protects community and all of its members can be challenging.

Positive Powerful Communication offers a set of tools to help work through conflict towards shared
understanding and a path forward. This two hour seminar aims to equip you with the skills necessary to
negotiate conflict in a way that builds relationships and strengthens community.

Topics covered include:
- Sources of conflict--needs, resources, values
- Listening to understand--and to make the speaker feel understood
- How to find common ground
- Strong emotions--how to deal with them and still have good communication

Workshop space is limited, RSVP to to attend.

Quabbin Mediation has over 20 years experience in conflict resolution practice, including mediation, restorative justice, and our Training Active Bystanders program.

Jesse Burch, JD, is Quabbin Mediation's Mediation Director. Jesse is an experienced mediator, trainer, and attorney. He has extensive experience mediating many types of disputes including divorce, community, commercial, consumer, and municipal issues. He is also a mediation trainer.

Susan Wallace is Quabbin Mediation's Training Director. Susan has been training children and adults in conflict resolution and mediation skills since 1991. Her education focused on justice studies at Hampshire College and at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. As the training director, Susan develops, organizes, and provides training and support for conflict resolution and mediation programs in 14 schools and five school districts, and is a creator of the Training Active Bystanders curriculum.
Location: Hampshire College, Kern 108

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