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Lunch with cofounder of Eagle Eye Institute Anthony Sanchez 71F

(Alumni, Lecture/Seminar, Meeting, Sustainability)
Date: Tuesday 3/28/2017
1 Month(s) ago
Time: 1:00 am - 1:00 pm
Organizer: Abbas Hirji ( )
Notes: Join us, students and faculty, for lunch/conversation with Hampshire Alum, and cofounder of the Eagle Eye Institute, Anthony Sanchez 71F. Anthony Sanchez

Anthony Sanchez, a student of visual arts major, cofounded Eagle Eye Institute in 1991 to empower urban people, especially youth of color, to play an active role in caring for our environment. He grew up in New York City disconnected from nature like so many urban youth of color from low-income communities. He believes that engaging people of color with the environment is one of the last civil rights battles.

Anthony has spent the last 25 years connecting thousands of youth with transformative experiences in nature. Using the skills he learned at Hampshire, he has documented Eagle Eye's work over the years to both promote the organization as well as the need for inclusion in environmental work.

Anthony is also a Korean Zen Sword Master, poet/songwriter and videographer.

Eagle Eye Institute is committed to diversity so that all people are engaged in the conservation and protection of our natural resources. Their programming is based out of their 200-acre conservation forest land in The Berkshires.

For more information on the Eagle Eye Institute and what they do, visit RSVP (optional) @

Location: Prescott Tavern

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