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Massachusetts Educational Recruiting Consortium (MERC) Career Fair

Date: Thursday 4/20/2017
1 Week(s) ago
Time: 9:30 am - 3:30 pm
Organizer: The Massachusetts Educational Recruitment Consortium (MERC) ( )
Notes: The Massachusetts Educational Recruitment Consortium (MERC) is dedicated to facilitating the hiring process in education and related fields. This partnership between higher education and school personnel from across the country produces one of the finest annual recruiting events of its kind.

Registration is strongly suggested to create a simpler check in process during the fair. Please confirm eligibility requirements and fees prior to registration. Candidates unable to register online prior to the event may register on site the day of the event.

Candidate Eligibility: The fair is open to candidates in education and related fields (administration, school counseling/psychology, occupational therapy, social work, speech language, etc.)

Non-member candidates: Candidates from non-member institutions are permitted to attend as long as they meet the education requirements above. The fee for non-member candidates to attend is $10.00, cash only, to be paid during check-in.
Location: Boston University

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