Foggy Day
      • Hampshire Friends & Family Application
      • 1. *Your first and last name
      • 2. *Name of department you work in and job title
      • 3. *Work number
      • 4. *Email address
      • 5. If you have a partner and/or children, names and ages:
      • 6. *What community and leisure activities do you (and your family) enjoy?
      • 7. What food restrictions do you have, if any?
      • 8. *What do you hope to gain from and contribute to the International Friends & Family Program?
      • 9. Country/geographical location preference (we will try our best to honor your request):
      • 10. Have you participated in this program at Hampshire before and/or elsewhere?
      • 11. Any other information that would be helpful in matching you with a student:
      • We will get back to you later this summer with more information about your participation in the program. Thank you for your application.

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