Foggy Day
      • Vegan Mod (Greenwich 20) Application Fall 2014
      • Mission Statement:
        To create a living community of vegans who see it not only as a diet but as a lifestyle. Actively living and promoting the multifaceted benefits of being vegan: ethical, environmental, personal health/nutritional, social justice, animal justice, and philosophical. We want to engage the Hampshire campus into our intentional community through open campus meals, awareness campaigns, and exciting events. We believe that veganism exemplifies Hampshire's ethical, environmental, and social justice morals. The food we eat affects our lives and the lives of our community thus we believe that it should be a large part of the campus activism and student discourse.

        Members of the mod would not only bring education of animal rights to the modmates and to the Hampshire community but will also create a space where this education can be put into practice... a vital step in adopting a vegan, cruelty-free lifestyle. We intend to create a space where people know about the conditions animals suffer while also being able to practice their knowledge- something that the animals rights group cannot fully create. This, however, does not mean that we will not work with them. We believe that a combined effort of two different approaches will only make our force stronger.

      • 1. *Name:
      • 2. Preferred Pronoun:
      • 3. *Division and Year:
      • 4. *Concentration:

      • 5. *What motivated you to choose a vegan lifestyle?
      • 6. *Why is living with other vegans important to you?
      • 7. *How would you like to reach out to the community on campus via the vegan mod?
      • 8. *Vegan Mod likes cooking and eating mod dinners together... what’s your favorite recipe?
      • 9. *What’s your spirit vegetable?

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