Foggy Day
      • Arts Integration Mod (Greenwich 9) Application - Fall 2014

      • The Arts Integration Mod is an encouraging intentional housing community dedicated to integrating art into our own lives and those of our community members through creating, sharing and bringing art in multiple mediums into our daily experiences.

        As an IHC we intend to create a comfortable and creative space that builds community, positive relationships, and creative pursuits in a safe and comfortable space.

        We promote and support every form of art.

      • 1. *Name:
      • 2. Preferred Name:
      • 3. Pronoun(s) of preference:
      • 4. *Year:
      • 5. *Email:

      • 6. *What art forms do you do/interest you?
      • 7. *What do you value about a community living experience?
      • 8. *What ideas and interests would you bring to this living space? What ideas do you have for possible events we could plan involving arts, community, and arts integration?
      • 9. *What are your expectations for cleanliness and shared chores? (We operate with a rotating chore chart and the expectation that all messes made within the common areas will be cleaned up within a 24-hour period.)
      • 10. *Are you willing to live in a double? If yes, is there someone else applying who you would want to share a room with?
      • 11. What else would you like us to know about you?

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