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      • Hampshire Farm Center Request Form
      • Welcome to the Farm Center!

        In order for us to provide academic and co-curricular services while managing our time on the farm, please use this form to request use of the Hampshire Farm, staff time, crops, animals, or equipment.

        For example, fill out this form to request to
        - take a tour of the farm
        - do a student project on the farm
        - conduct an experiment on the farm
        - install art on the farm

        Please fill out this form as early as possible and at least two weeks prior to your visit. All requests will be considered at the weekly staff meeting (holidays excluded). Thank you!

      • 1. *Name:
      • 2. *E-mail:
      • 3. Phone number:
      • 4. *Affiliation
      • 5. If you selected "Other" above, please use this space to let us know if you are making this request on behalf of a group or organization not listed above.
      • 6. If you are a member of one of the Five Colleges, please select below whether you are a student, faculty, or staff member.
      • 7. *Please briefly describe your request below. Include the number of people involved (particularly if requesting a tour) and the name of the course (if relevant).
      • 8. *When would you like to do this? Please suggest a window of time (between date X and date Y), a day of the week that would usually work (especially if the request is for a class that meets on certain days), or at least three potential dates and times that would work for you.
      • 9. Please provide any additional details that may be useful to us.

      • Thank you for your request. Please watch for a reply via the contact information you provided.



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