Foggy Day
      • Transition Mod Application (Mod 17 and 18) - Spring 2015

      • In response to peak oil, climate change, and economic uncertainty, Totnes, Devon, England became the world's first Transition Town in 2006. Based on principles of permaculture, the community came together to educate each other and make positive change--including creating their own currency. Since then, thousands of Transition Towns have sprung up all over the world with the aim of creating resilient and sustainable communities. Members of Transition Towns work locally to counteract social, environmental, and economic injustice, returning the control of the future back to where it belongs--in the hands of community members.

        In January of 2012, a few students, faculty, and staff who heard about the Transition movement got together and discussed the prospects of bringing this movement to our campus. Transition Hampshire was born. Our initiative consists of an expanding group of students, staff, and faculty working towards a socially, economically, and environmentally just Hampshire community. As a way of putting Transition values into practice, the Transition Mod (17) was created in Fall of 2012. In Fall of 2014, a second Transition Mod (18) was created, in the hopes of expanding the Transition Mod network on campus.

      • In the Transition Mod, we see a happy, healthy, just, and active Hampshire community that critically engages and responds to the challenges of our world today by working within our local communities to foster political, economic, environmental, and cultural sustainability. We are a positive, collective, action-oriented space committed to making sure our bodies, our communities, and our planet are well-nourished and thriving. Our aim is to foster critical consciousness on Hampshire’s campus to engage and empower our community in a transformative process. Our space requires active and responsible participation, with weekly house meetings, involvement in the Transition Hampshire student group, and hosting of multiple events on campus. Such engagement is so crucial to the beautiful learning and growth we hope to spread throughout our Hampshire community!

        All identities, educational concentrations, and Divs are welcome to apply! Although these lived experiences may vary, we are committed to being in solidarity with the Transition Movement and working towards our collective definition of sustainability, influenced by each mod member and developed throughout the semester. All identities, disciplines, divisions, and lived experiences are respected and loved, so feel free to apply! Again, we want to make it clear that this is an active space within which you will have a significant role in shaping our presence on campus. Please feel free to email us at with any questions or comments. We also encourage you to find us on Facebook!

      • 1. *Legal Name
      • 2. Preferred Name
      • 3. *Email
      • 4. *Entering Year
      • 5. *Box Number

      • 6. *Why do you want to live in the Transition mod?
      • 7. *Do you have any dietary restrictions? (this will not affect your application)
      • 8. *How do you define sustainability in terms of living in a community? What does it mean for you to live within a community?
      • 9. *How would you benefit and learn from living here? What are your expectations of living in the Transition Mod? What are your expectations for your mod mates?
      • 10. *What are your assets as a housemate? What qualities might make you difficult to live with? Do you have any experience with communal living?
      • 11. *How clean would you prefer the common household space to be?
      • 12. *What events would you like to help the Transition Mods facilitate? What ideas do you have to help grow Transition on campus? How much time (hours per week, what days, times, etc) do you think you could commit to the Transition Mods?
      • 13. What is your Div, and your Div title (if applicable)? What are you interested in studying at Hampshire?
      • 14. Would you be comfortable living with an emotional support animal (dog or cat)?
      • 15. We will give preference to individuals who will live in a double. Would you be comfortable living in a double? If so, which genders are you comfortable living with?
      • 16. Are you actively involved in any student groups or initiatives?
      • 17. What makes you who you are?

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