Foggy Day
      • Greenhouse Mod Application (Mod 46) - Fall 2015
      • The Greenhouse Mod strives to model healthy communal living by connecting to the planet and community through a commitment to supporting and sharing delicious local food. That means we support each other in the stewardship of the Enfield Solar Greenhouse, eat and prepare communal dinners every night, meet weekly as a mod to check-in and address house concerns, while hosting monthly events to enliven and engage our campus community.
      • 1. *Name
      • 2. *Email
      • 3. *Year of entry to Hampshire
      • 4. *Anticipated Graduation Date
      • 5. *Current Residence
      • 6. *Number of Lottery Points
        • 1
        • 2
        • 3
        • 4
        • 5
        • 6
        • 7
        • 8
        • 9
        • 10
        • 11
      • 7. *Are you willing to live in a double?
        • Yes
        • No

      • 8. *Describe your previous experiences related to growing things or homesteading skills. What can you bring to this initiative?
      • 9. *Please describe a project or skill that you could bring to the Greenhouse and/or mod. This could include woodworking, waterscaping, fundraising, growing food, artistic abilities, fermenting things, or simply a propensity for organization. Tell us what you love!
      • 10. *What does communal living mean to you? Why do you want to live in a communal space? What is your experience with communal living?
      • 11. *What are you focusing your studies on at Hampshire? What other school activities are you involved in?
      • 12. *Tell us something about yourself. We want to get to know you!
      • Intentional housing communities are student-driven spaces which complement Hampshire’s academic program. In order to maintain IHC status, members of these communities are expected to fulfill the following requirements:

        1. Execute at least two (2) educational initiatives – any group activity which furthers the mission of the mod – each semester and submit brief evaluations for them.
        2. Choose a point person who will communicate directly with the HOO and ensure procedures are understood and followed.
        3. Participate in the selection process for the following year.
        4. Attend a brief orientation in the fall – date tbd.

        Invitations to chosen applicants will be sent to your Hampshire College email address between Friday, April 10 and Wednesday, April 15. You will have 48 hours to accept the offer. Failure to respond to within 48 hours will result in forfeit of the space.

        You should receive a receipt email from the online form confirming your application has been received. If you do no receive this email within twenty-four hours of submitting this form please contact

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