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      • Women's Empowerment Mod Application (Mod 66) - Fall 2015
      • The Women’s Empowerment Mod is a place for those who live in it and those who come into the space to actively engage with and challenge the normative expectations placed on women.  It is a space to feel safe and supported in the ideas and avenues of learning that we are pursuing - whether it be sexism, racism, issues of class, environmental issues, education etc.  It is a space where emotions and thoughts are not seen as weakness, but considered, respected for their individual weight, and considered by the immediate and larger community.

        Though our individual concentrations and goals may vary, we have created this space to live and work in solidarity with one another. The women’s empowerment mod is a supportive sanctuary. “Sometimes [it’s] a women’s only space, and always a feminist space.... a miniature oasis where feminist ideas and values are the rule, not the exception”

        There is no standard of feminism for participating and being in this space, but rather, an intention for learning and developing anti-sexist values.

        The women’s empowerment mod serves two dual purposes. First and foremost, the women’s empowerment mod is designed to be a supportive sanctuary for the female and or feminine self-identified people living here. Second, the women’s empowerment mod is designed to promote and support anti-sexist values within the Hampshire community.

        Living Together
        For all of the people who live in this space, there is a community expectation that you hold yourself accountable and be open to learning and sharing with the other people that you live with.

        Eating meals communally (ingredients are bought, cooked, and eaten as a group) as well as having weekly mod meetings is a part of living together that we have found to be a way to connect with one another and plan  for the ways we want to extend ourselves in to the community of Hampshire.

        As a mod we work closely with the Center For Feminisms on campus.  We are committed to doing events within the Hampshire community,  FOR EXAMPLE full moon potlucks, the vulva cupcake event for International Women’s Day, A fundraiser for Northampton’s Stomp and Holler, and many more.
        What has been laid out is not set in stone and is expected to change as the needs of the group change. : )
        For the following questions, please try and keep answers to a 1-2 paragraph maximum.

        Thank you!!
      • 1. *Name
      • 2. Preferred Name
      • 3. Pronoun(s) of preference
      • 4. *Email
      • 5. What are your interests? What are you passionate about?
      • 6. Why is living in the Women’s Empowerment Mod important to you?
      • 7. How do you see communal living?  What does community mean to you within a living space?
      • 8. What do you think you could bring to this space...add to it or improve it? What would you bring to the larger community?
      • 9. What does women’s empowerment mean to you? How do you embody this and or envision how this will be furthered on campus?
      • 10. Are you willing to live in a double?
        • Yes
        • No
      • 11. Anything else you would like to share with us about yourself?
      • Intentional housing communities are student-driven spaces which complement Hampshire’s academic program. In order to maintain IHC status, members of these communities are expected to fulfill the following requirements:

        1. Execute at least two (2) educational initiatives – any group activity which furthers the mission of the mod – each semester and submit brief evaluations for them.
        2. Choose a point person who will communicate directly with the HOO and ensure procedures are understood and followed.
        3. Participate in the selection process for the following year.
        4. Attend a brief orientation in the fall – date tbd.

        Invitations to chosen applicants will be sent to your Hampshire College email address between Friday, April 10 and Wednesday, April 15. You will have 48 hours to accept the offer. Failure to respond to within 48 hours will result in forfeit of the space.

        You should receive a receipt email from the online form confirming your application has been received. If you do no receive this email within twenty-four hours of submitting this form please contact

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